Monday, August 31, 2009

susah sgt ke nk paham aku ni??susah ke??ape yg susah??
sampai nk lari??

PS:sya,nurul..korg knl aku 4+ thn..susah ke nk phm aku ni??

happy besday MALAYSIA!!

em hr ni 31 ogos 2009
52 thn negara kite merdeka..
walaupun bgtu..ktorg still ade klas pg td..
x pe la..demi MR Tar yg best aku bgn gak..

semoga kt lebih Bsmgt patriotik dan lebih syg kan negara kt MALAYSIA..

PS:sya, cpt nyanyi lagu 1 malaysia..hehehe..

Sunday, August 30, 2009


happy besday sya busuk..da tua da sya ye..aku gak yg mude..hehe..sya,da 23 ni jgn nakal2..stick to one..jgn memilih..hahahaha..(jgn mara besday gurl)..mcm ko sllalu kt tggl lbh krg 8 bln jer kt nk bersame..pasni konpem ssh nk jmp..ko kt timur..nurul nun di utara..sedey plak enjoy our time now to the fullest..enjoy!!!!

birthday kek sya..ktorg bedal st mlm abis..walaupun prt kyg gile pas berbuke..huhu

this is end result..bersepah sbb men calit2..hehe..


blaja susah..
keje susah
nk pencen pun susah..
rugi jadi doktor ni..
statement from a gastroentrology surgeon in HRPZ2..
that what i told my sister..and also my cousin..but she is so stuborn..
so let her be..let her feel the 'joy'..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


em this is 4 th day in was so tired day for me..n i think for everyone else also..we have to catch bus 730 in the morning..da la pakcik bas sharp giler..every time i got into the bus, all i know i want to sleep..even just for a few minute.. n i slept without failed..hahaha..

since 4th year.. i hate going to hkb..because it was so this is fasting it is double today we have class until 12.30..everyone was so sleepy in the class..just after the class end we were rushing to the surau..sbb nk tido..klakar plak igt blk..everyone amik port msg2 n slept..hahaha..

i just dont understand why prev subgroup said 'best giler kat hkb',rase cm x nk tkr je ngan korg' and so on..i try to search keseronokannye..but i think i rather be in husm than is true the surgeon there are willingly to teach us..they all like to teach..but usm doc is also good what..huhu..but there only best part is i can get juadah berbuke yg best n byk choice at bazar..tu la yg plg best..hehehe..i week more to go..chaiyuk..

ni semua ujian di bln puase..time je lar..huhu..=P
~selamat berbuke n selamat berterawih~

Saturday, August 22, 2009



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

another 6 month?????

a few minute ago..
at the end of the exam with the coolest prof ever..huhu..she got honest feedback from him

examiner: i think u perform very well in clinical part..u manage to give a good comments..good..
student : (happy)
examiner: but u fail in practical part.this is very important..never guess or u'll kill the u want to extand for 6 month or u want to catch up??
student: i try to catch up..
examiner: are u sure??do u think u can catch up??or u need to change ur study method??
student: i'll change my study method and try to catch up prof..
examiner : u really need to work hard..spent ur time more in this room(treatment room)..make ur hand dirty help the u often come come here in this 5 week??
student: i think not really prof
examiner: i can see that..what is ur next posting??
student: surgery
examiner : u need to work harder in ur next posting..ok??
student: nod..nod..=(

that is a scenario of a final year student who fail badly in practical of paediatric posting..pity her..

if u were her, how do u feel???

exam fever..

em tomorrow is my end posting exam..short case at the morning and meq in the u know my knowledge is very2 ciput coz i'm so 'rajin' to study..huhu..n now i have fever+sore throat + headache..give me a lot of time to mom already bising2 coz i dont go to clinic..she worried about H1N1 cases nowadays..hahaha..

waaaaa..sedey..i dont study at i just sleep for almost a day..except afternoon when i went to radiology to full my log sia2..x yah cite la psl radio ni..wat terbakar ati jer..huhu..i just hope that i get a very2 kind examiner+cooperative child+n i can perform well..that all i want..

wish me luck k..