Tuesday, December 23, 2008

siaran tertunde

em finally..alhamdullilah tenet da ok da..x keruan idup xde tenet ni..hahaha..disebabkan 2,3 hr lps tenet hampes..so story mory jd tertunde..huhu..

huh..result surgery posting yg da brkurun finally kua gak..igt doc nak wat kenang2an..alhamdullilah..everybody in my group pass..but i'm a bit sad..coz my mark ckp2 mkn jer..borderline..n i think i'm the lowest in my group..trk nye..bkn x bersyukur..bersyukur sgt..huhu

n at nite i call mama to tell my result n my feeling..huhu..mama ask me how can this happen..
mama:ssk ke??penat belaja??berangan eh??(that is just 1/10 of her Q.)
me:malas la ma..
mama:what??sejak ble plak jd malas ni??nape jd malas??
me:??????x tau...
mama:ishk mn bleh mls2..(n a lot more that i cannot remember each of them)

but i do remember the point..wa kne brainwash..actually i like it..coz it make me realize n back to the reality..mama xde la marah pun..just give a long advice..she touch everything from a to z..da lame x kene camni..it's good actually..nway i love..thanks mama..u are the wonderfull moms ever..syg mama..

p/S:mane nk crk anak, da kene bebel pun suke..hehehe..

diluah mati emak..ditelan mati bapak..penah korg rs situasi cmtu..situation where you have to choose..but both choices are suck..but no matter how u have to choose either one..have u experinced that..ireally want to know how do u handle it..coz my head is serabut giler2 rite now..

i'm hoping that in my head there some prog like defragmenter prog like in your computer..u do that when ur comp lembat cm siput or u want to organize ur comp kan..i want that prog in my head now..so i can organize my thought n work better and laju cm streamyx..so i can concentrate on my study..or at least i can delete any unwanted memory or thought or whatever thing la from my head..can i??huh..

i need to study..in peacefull n working brain cell..i have exam next week..i want to score..to do better than prev2 posting..to make my mama happy(so x kene brainwash..haha)..i think my head is going to explode..kebabom..hehe..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

hai2 ORL,bye2 oftal

hati ku senang bangat..exam oftal da abis..finally..huhu..walaupun jawab ntah pape exam clinical td kan..yg penting da lepas da..so just look forward no turning back..hehe..

n welcome to ORL posting..for 3 weeks..new things..many things to learn..in just 3 week..hope this will be another interesting posting to go..chaiyuk!!

p/s:best gile smlm dpt kua ngan nurul ngan sya..just like old time..huhu..best bangat..pasni kt kua shopping plak ek..the real one..hehe..=P

Monday, December 8, 2008

x nak balik!!!

waaaa..bencinye..i have to go back to usm terchenta tonite..jap je lg..kol730..actually the reason i go back early coz we have clinical exam on wednesday morning..utk mengelakkan ape2 hal cam banjir ke..bas rosak ke..so better for me if i go back a little bit early..then last thursday Dr siti,our examiner call me..she said that she had to postpone our exam to next sunday..bazir je la blk awal ni..*sigh*

da la x puas lg duk umah..lg pun ni kan raye..sedihnyee..
nway selamt hari raye aidiladha to everyone..huhu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bas rosak lagi!!!!

it's been a week or more since my last updated..coz last week i went to ipoh n last 2 days my life was a little bit serabut..due to ticket problems..i alwayz have problem every time i want to go home..i dont know y..huhu..but everything is settle n i'm going home this thursday..hooray!!!

actually that not the main point..i just want to share my last weekend which is more exciting..huhu..last week my family n i go to a vacation..x jauh pun..ipoh jer..tp syok bcoz spent time lepak2 with family..best pe..em i think it was more like a reunion..bcos i went from klantan,angah from kl and my parents n adik from home..family reunion..huhu..thursday morning, intan volunteered to sent me to langgar..we plan to go at 815 since my bus was at 9. am..so that morning he came to my room as usuall..know what..at time she came i still sleeping with dream..i was like terkejut nak mati ble bgn tu..n then i realized that i'm overslept.. plus my bag was not packing yet at that time..kelam kabut gile..just grab anything i can put it on my bag..n hoping that i have pocket doremon..so i can counterclockwise the time..huhu..n i went to langgar x mandi..hahaha..padan muke..luckily sempat sampai tepat2..credit to the driver..huhu..

dlm bus, mmg tido jer..x bgn2 sampai kat grik..then after meals and prays..at around 2 pm bus continue our long journey..suddenly the bus cannot be move.. sekat2 x leh jln..at first i though maybe bcoz bus masuk lopak..driver try so many times still cannot move..*sigh*i think u know what happen..BUS ROSAK!!arghhh..benggang gile..that was my 4th or5th time experienced the same thing..really hate it..asal la asyik2 aku je y jdk mangse keadaan..sbb x mandi pg kot..hehehe..we wait there for the mechanic for 3++ hours..imagine how long we all waiting like crazy..what i'm done is eating,sleeping n eating n nganga..huhu..finally bus can mve again..if not i think we have to wait for other bus plak..at around 8pm i safely arrived at ipoh..lege...

overall our holiday was fun n exciting although we only visited few places only..we went to callie castle, night safari n lost world of tambun..best..bcoz i went with my family..that is the most important thing..huhu..

moral of the story is planning n preparation is important..huhu..