Tuesday, December 23, 2008

siaran tertunde

em finally..alhamdullilah tenet da ok da..x keruan idup xde tenet ni..hahaha..disebabkan 2,3 hr lps tenet hampes..so story mory jd tertunde..huhu..

huh..result surgery posting yg da brkurun finally kua gak..igt doc nak wat kenang2an..alhamdullilah..everybody in my group pass..but i'm a bit sad..coz my mark ckp2 mkn jer..borderline..n i think i'm the lowest in my group..trk nye..bkn x bersyukur..bersyukur sgt..huhu

n at nite i call mama to tell my result n my feeling..huhu..mama ask me how can this happen..
mama:ssk ke??penat belaja??berangan eh??(that is just 1/10 of her Q.)
me:malas la ma..
mama:what??sejak ble plak jd malas ni??nape jd malas??
me:??????x tau...
mama:ishk mn bleh mls2..(n a lot more that i cannot remember each of them)

but i do remember the point..wa kne brainwash..actually i like it..coz it make me realize n back to the reality..mama xde la marah pun..just give a long advice..she touch everything from a to z..da lame x kene camni..it's good actually..nway i love..thanks mama..u are the wonderfull moms ever..syg mama..

p/S:mane nk crk anak, da kene bebel pun suke..hehehe..

diluah mati emak..ditelan mati bapak..penah korg rs situasi cmtu..situation where you have to choose..but both choices are suck..but no matter how u have to choose either one..have u experinced that..ireally want to know how do u handle it..coz my head is serabut giler2 rite now..

i'm hoping that in my head there some prog like defragmenter prog like in your computer..u do that when ur comp lembat cm siput or u want to organize ur comp kan..i want that prog in my head now..so i can organize my thought n work better and laju cm streamyx..so i can concentrate on my study..or at least i can delete any unwanted memory or thought or whatever thing la from my head..can i??huh..

i need to study..in peacefull n working brain cell..i have exam next week..i want to score..to do better than prev2 posting..to make my mama happy(so x kene brainwash..haha)..i think my head is going to explode..kebabom..hehe..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

hai2 ORL,bye2 oftal

hati ku senang bangat..exam oftal da abis..finally..huhu..walaupun jawab ntah pape exam clinical td kan..yg penting da lepas da..so just look forward no turning back..hehe..

n welcome to ORL posting..for 3 weeks..new things..many things to learn..in just 3 week..hope this will be another interesting posting to go..chaiyuk!!

p/s:best gile smlm dpt kua ngan nurul ngan sya..just like old time..huhu..best bangat..pasni kt kua shopping plak ek..the real one..hehe..=P

Monday, December 8, 2008

x nak balik!!!

waaaa..bencinye..i have to go back to usm terchenta tonite..jap je lg..kol730..actually the reason i go back early coz we have clinical exam on wednesday morning..utk mengelakkan ape2 hal cam banjir ke..bas rosak ke..so better for me if i go back a little bit early..then last thursday Dr siti,our examiner call me..she said that she had to postpone our exam to next sunday..bazir je la blk awal ni..*sigh*

da la x puas lg duk umah..lg pun ni kan raye..sedihnyee..
nway selamt hari raye aidiladha to everyone..huhu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bas rosak lagi!!!!

it's been a week or more since my last updated..coz last week i went to ipoh n last 2 days my life was a little bit serabut..due to ticket problems..i alwayz have problem every time i want to go home..i dont know y..huhu..but everything is settle n i'm going home this thursday..hooray!!!

actually that not the main point..i just want to share my last weekend which is more exciting..huhu..last week my family n i go to a vacation..x jauh pun..ipoh jer..tp syok bcoz spent time lepak2 with family..best pe..em i think it was more like a reunion..bcos i went from klantan,angah from kl and my parents n adik from home..family reunion..huhu..thursday morning, intan volunteered to sent me to langgar..we plan to go at 815 since my bus was at 9. am..so that morning he came to my room as usuall..know what..at time she came i still sleeping with dream..i was like terkejut nak mati ble bgn tu..n then i realized that i'm overslept.. plus my bag was not packing yet at that time..kelam kabut gile..just grab anything i can put it on my bag..n hoping that i have pocket doremon..so i can counterclockwise the time..huhu..n i went to langgar x mandi..hahaha..padan muke..luckily sempat sampai tepat2..credit to the driver..huhu..

dlm bus, mmg tido jer..x bgn2 sampai kat grik..then after meals and prays..at around 2 pm bus continue our long journey..suddenly the bus cannot be move.. sekat2 x leh jln..at first i though maybe bcoz bus masuk lopak..driver try so many times still cannot move..*sigh*i think u know what happen..BUS ROSAK!!arghhh..benggang gile..that was my 4th or5th time experienced the same thing..really hate it..asal la asyik2 aku je y jdk mangse keadaan..sbb x mandi pg kot..hehehe..we wait there for the mechanic for 3++ hours..imagine how long we all waiting like crazy..what i'm done is eating,sleeping n eating n nganga..huhu..finally bus can mve again..if not i think we have to wait for other bus plak..at around 8pm i safely arrived at ipoh..lege...

overall our holiday was fun n exciting although we only visited few places only..we went to callie castle, night safari n lost world of tambun..best..bcoz i went with my family..that is the most important thing..huhu..

moral of the story is planning n preparation is important..huhu..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i'm falling in love

*sigh*..i'm never feel like this before..i'm really2 falling in love..huh i hope this feeling will last forever or at least as far as i'm a madical student..what??ya la..i'm falling in love in oftalmology posting..hehehe..btul la kate sya dr mate turun ke ati..huhu..i never feel happy like this morning during our clinic session..previous posting,i hate clinic giler..so boring..nothing much to do..just tercongok denga what patient complaining..n if i'm lucky i can get interesting finding from examine the pt..but most of the time we or better said me, just standing there being a good observer..hahaha..u know i'm not a kind of proactive student like others..n x saba2 nk blk..dtg pun sbb attendance jer..ble abis lege giler..huhu..

totally difference with oftal..syok sgt sampai x sedar da kol 2 lbh..seriusly,if we don't have any class this afternoon maybe ktorg duk je stu smpai ptg..hehehe..it was really enjoyable esp if u can do oftalmoscope plus u get the finding..mmg best la..i feel like to lompat2 kalo jmp finding yg menarik2 ni..tp x patut la kan..very unethical..huhu..n extra syok coz our doctor is very kind..everytime we ask anything..even the Q seem 'kurg bijak' he will answer just like that..xde la kene tny balik kan..(like other doc in other posting)huhu..he teach us alot..huh..i hope i have more time for clinic..but unfortunately we have only 2 session general clinic + 1 laser clinic for every group..da la oftal posting 3 mggu jer..why ar nice thing will not last long..=(

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

love your eyes..

my vision back to normal..i feel good..actuallly smlm lg da ok..pg2 tu bgn rs lega coz it was totally back to normal..today we went to OT to observe the surgery in oftalmology..we been in OT for around 8 hours..giler x..kalah surgeon..huhu..today we have 5 surgery all together..but i only menonton 3 surgery..1 was cancel and the other one, at that time we had our lunch..same procedure..mls nk tgk..i think among other surgery,oftal is most relax one..surgeon just sit there and operated through their microscope,only using small green area..not much sound(bunyi ktung ktang cam ortho)..just nice,syok sampai tetido..u know what..today due to a very long day in OT..i felt really2 tired and sleepy..during our last surgery..i just cant handle to stand anymore..i just sat on the floor..suddenly i saw one nurse smilling and laughing at me..rupe2nye..i fell asleep..hahahah..x penah org wat tido dlm OT..huhu..ngeri la tgk eyes being operated..eyes is a very sensitive organ right..ade habuk pun da x selesa..camne la rase ade suture plak ek..

i cant imagine how it fell when u loss ur vision..sedih giler kan..br blurr kjap pun da bising2 da..huhu..so moral of the story..sayangi la mate anda..=D

ni la mate yang kene dilate hari tu..

nmpk x??very dilated pupil..

my normal left eyes yang x dilate..

gamba ni nak suh compare..but it seem to small la..

tp nmpk R eyes tu more darker kan..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

welcome to oftalmology..

today is my first day in oftal posting..so far so good..everything seem to be very interesting although this is going to be very compac posting..nothing much we have learn today..since this our first day,so it is like an orientation day la..we had learn how to take history taking which is a little bit diff and also learn how to use direct oftalmoscope..from theory part, seem to be very easy like mkn kacang..but when it comes to practical part it is very though..this evening we have a hands on session on oftalmoscope..we have to divide ourself in four group..and each group should have at least 2 volunter to dilate their pupil..so that everybody can practice easily..

unfortunately, i'm the choosen one since my eyes is normal,not using lens or glasses..actually it is dilated using LA and myadrcil (if im not mistaken) eyes drop..at first, of course im scared..but then it was ok la..not painful pun just a litlle bit discomfort and blurred..i remember when first we have to close the light, i feel like pelik gile..coz it was really obvious i can felt my one eye is bigger than the other one..until now my right eye is still blurred..especially under bright light..because normally your pupil will constricted in the bright light..the effect is lasted until 6 hours..so around 9pm i should be back to normal..but now i have to use my left eye n closed the right eye baru bleh nmpak clear..so x leh study la..hahahaha..

the best part is.. today i can see clearly aroud 4 pupil..i can appereciate the disk,cup disk ratio,and also blood vessels..so happy..hehehe..thanks to my cooperative friends..huhu..

p/s:ade gamba nk upload..tp tenet benggong.next time eh..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I been tagged by cik nurul syg..this is my 2nd time being tagged but 1st time in to it..huhu..seb baik la skang ni buhsan..

Try to answer it as good as you can
Every question is referring to ONE person

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
my love

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
he loves me..huhu..
pandai amik ati my family
he cares about me
lots of suprises
n he always there for me..

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
every moment wif him kot..huhu

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you.
em byk la..=P

5. If he/she become your lover, you will...
love him forever..chewah..huhu..insyaallah..

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will...
camne nk jwb ni..(garu kepala)

7. If he/she become your lover, he has to improve on...on his/her
merajuk..jgn kuat mrjuk ek..hehehe..

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
hopefully not..

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
skang ni teringin nk tgk movie sesame..da lame la since last one..*sigh*

10. The overall impression of him/her is..
love him the way he is

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
mane la saye tau..

12. The character of you for yourself is?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
i'm the laziest person ever kot..huhu..

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
i love who i'm am now..tp nk byk pulus..bleh x??

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them.
i like u to..=D

16. Ten people to tag:
alamak sy x ramai kwn la

noorole(soli lor)

em tu jer..aci x??

17. Who is no.2 having a relationship with??
x yah ckp la..semua org tau..hehehe..

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
skip..x ckp org..

20. How about no. 5 and 8?
skip gak..

21. What is no. 1 studying about?
medic..doc to be..

22. Is no. 4 single?
em i'm not sure..go ask her..huhu..

23. Say something about no. 6 and 9..
no 6 is someone i miss..lm x jmp..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


huh..finally..im so relieve..da abis exam..walaupun exam cam hampeh..i don care coz im done..huhu..dis is the end of ortho posting..this 2 week was really2 serabut and busy..bese la end of posting..br nk kalut wat report..full the log book..study last minute for exam..and plus kn wat seminar for this week..so many thing to be done.. and finally its over..for this posting la..de same cycle will start again with next posting..my next posting is oftalmology..first week men2,blur..smpai 5 week..n then final week br nak kelam kabut..em oftal have only 3 week..so i have only 2 week to play2..huhu..bosan la hidup camni..*sigh*
but actually i love orthopaedic posting..i love doing POP to patient,i love doing dressing and i love oncall at A&E..i love everything la..huhu..i hope i can be ortho surgeon..emmm???

bye2 ortho..no more smelly diabetic foot..sob3..huhu

Thursday, November 6, 2008


em i'm home..last minute decision..tp dis time blk naik train..murah pun murah. tkt train bertolak lmbt skt..smpat g archery dlu..pastu amik yg ade katil..tido puas giler..smpai pakcik KTM tu kjt..nsb bek x terlepas smpai sgapore..hehehe..semua org tny "u da cuti ke skang ni".."blk bape lm ni??".." x la. blk 3 hr je.."..semua org pelik..blk 3hr je from kb to bp..cam dekat je ek..tak berbaloi..ish berbaloi per..bleh jmp family..dpt tgk anak kcg yg baru lhr tu..dpt tgk kedai baru mama..yg penting dpt release tensen..em x berbaloi lg ke tu..ok sgt kan..da la td dpt msg,'grand round ari ni cancel.prof zulmi ade meeting'..hahaha..lagi la rs berbaloi gile2..huhu..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


huh..this is my third week in orthopaedic posting..but as ussuall still blur..patutnye msk 3rd week mkn bjk..ni tny pasal fracture agak nye pun terkedek-kedek nk jawab..sdeh tul la..tp slh sendiri..sape suh 'rajinnn' sgt..huhu..i'm in OORU team..ngan sya(lagi..hehehe..xpe sya..aku suke..),nurin ngan kak hana..OORU ni ape??oncology and reconstructive..so semua patients yg ade tumour ngan implant under team ni..tp kdg2 patient mva-fracture pun undre team ni gak..so patient team OORU ni sgt2 la ramai..dan akibat nye..ktorg akan melalui pagi yg sgt pnjg dan letih mase wad round...bosannye..lg2 ble kene tny soalan..pastu xleh jwb..pndai2 la wat muke kesian br doc x mara..yeke..huhu..tp yg best nye ortho ni jadual x pack..attendace pun xde..so nk g ke x nak ke ikot suke..tp disebabakan satu team ade 4 org jer..doc da cam..x lah lari gak..huhu..log book pun xde la byk sgt requirement..tp bbdk ni kate surgery lg best..diorg x suke ortho..ntah la..hak individu nak suke ke tak..kan??huhu..

hari tu oncall da kene basuh ngan doc..(name dirahsiakan..belajar dr pengalaman..huhu..)..bsh ngan clorox siap..insaf la kejap..pastu da blk bilik camtu gak..asyik kene mara,kene perli pun x reti2 gak..da immune kot ek??td kat klinik kene mara gak..sbb dok wad dressing kt blk rawatan.

doc:mane kwn2 awak yg len ni
nodi:em ade doc kat sini..blk rawatan kot
doc: watpe kt blk rawatan tu..awak kn nk jd doc..bkn nk jd nurse..lecturer awak kat sini..sane tu sape ade
nodi:*gulp*tp kene isi log book doc..lg pun best ape dressing..huhu..(tp ayat ni dlm ati jer...nak mampus ckp cmtu..hahah)
doc:g pggil diorg..

ala duk klinik bosan la..berdiri cm pemerhati pe jer..kat blk rawatan tu byk procedure..bleh isi log book..tu yg penting pun..huhu...em mmgu ni suppose kene anta report..tp mlasssssss sgt2 nka wat..khamis ni kene anta..br smpai HOPI..hehehe..

P/S: sape kat sini ade amik upah wat report..sila hubungi noddy di nombor yg bleh dihubungi ye..upah lumayan..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

going home

it been so long since my last post..syndrome biasa la..syndrome mls+busy(ye ke..huhu)..whatever pun i'm going home tonite..yea2..br 2 mggu kat sini da homesick da..coz i'm still in raye mood..today is 15 oct so it's mean 15 syawal..still in bulan syawal..nk g blk beraye..sbb hr tu raye perlis..so this time raye johor plak..huhuhu..nk g marhaban..syok nye..

tp kene g ko-k dlu..beg pun x kms lg..ala MALAS la......help me..huhu

Sunday, September 28, 2008

balik kampung!!

em home sweet home..lega sgt..huhu..pg semalam first time sahur ngan family..first time pose kl ni sahur nasi..hehehe..i'm so excited to shr wif my family..unfortunately,mama woke up a bit late..so we had to rushing2 bfore azan..huhu..nsb baik smpt..n today i'm breaking fast with 'Him'..hehe..the actually plan,nak buke mee racun,,tp nsb krg baik..kedai ttup..kempunan la..huhu..mee racun tu pe??x tau..never try it before..that why i'm so excited today..huhu..

tommorrow we'll have a very2 long journey to go..we are going to perlis..tempat tumpah drh ku..hehe..balik kmpg..i cant wait..miss my grandparent so much..hopefully everything will go just fine..doakan supaya ktorg slmt sampai ek..since i'm going to kampung n no internet there..so i like to wish all of you selamt hari raye..maaf zahir batin..semoga syawal kali ni lebih bermakna..

Friday, September 26, 2008

x saba nye..

em jap lg kol530 ain nk anta g langgar..huh x saba nk blk sgt2 da ni..sedih semua org da blk..tggl sorg2 kat sni..mmg x best..usm ni rase sunyi giler..x penah rs camni coz slalunye blk on time or terawal sehari..huhu..pape pun selamat bercuti to everyone..n selamat hari raye..maaf zahir batin deh..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


yea2 just 6 more days to raye..can wait..cant wait to go home actually..miz my mama,babah,my cats n home..just 2 more days to go home..so its mean 6 more days we'll leave ramadhan..em ramadhan selalu dikatekan bulan ibadah..cukup ke ibadah kt??better than last year or worse than years..judge it yourself..but i think for me,this years not so good as years2 before..4th year ni always busy,always tired, n mulut always cakap penat..huhu..i have mizz my terawih..coz busy kejar kan oncall..i have to complete 12 times for oncall round..i need 2 more..hopefully 6 last ramadhan, i'l do something better..isi mlm2 terakhir ni ngan ibadah n amalan2 yg baik..

ha, semalam ade drma darah perdana..g x??tu pun kre bersedekah tau..kre ibadah gak kalo btul niat..happy sgt2 coz finally yesterday i can donate my blood..actually ade tpu skt..my haemoblobin level was 11.9..it supposed to be more than 12 br qualified to donate..luckily the person there was very kind to wrote 12 in my form..so then i'm qualified..hehehe..walaupun selalu failed dr berjaye..yg penting niat..huhu.. i always feel palpitation when it comes to check my Hb..i always pray that it will come out as 12 or more..most of the time i'll be frustrated coz my lowHb..i fell frustrated when sya (yg selalunye mmg bleh donate) can donate her blood..i'll more frustrated if nurul also can donate her blood..i hate that feeling..hei my blood types is O u know..universal donor..why u dont want mine..huhu..i love donating my blood..why??i also dont know..i feel happy when i saw my blood flow through the tube..i feel happy when i saw bag filled wif my blood..i feel satisfied..happy..i have to take iron,folic acid..so that i can donate my blood again another 3 month n visit my favourite place,unit transfusi darah..hehehe..for those who never donate ur blood..go n try..it's not painful at all..believe me..every drops of our blood is very important to the patients..=P

ramainye manusia..

yea2 bleh donate..hehehe..


my blood is red..=P

sya muke excited..hehe..

nurul tgh tggu turn..mn nurul??

p/s:gamba x cantik sbb gune henset buruk..sori..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

teki-teki gitu2 apek..

i just found this teka-teki in 1 web site..try la kalo terer..hehe..

Teka-teki 1: Ape benda bila masuk segitiga bila kuar bergulung-gulung?
Teka-teki 2: Hitam dan berpeluh.. HA.. Ape2??
Teka-teki 3: Antara kapal terbang dengan kuih lepat liat, mana satu yang paling tinggi?
Teka-teki 4: Banyak2 kotak, kotak apa yang takleh angkat?
Teka-teki 5: Kenapa Penggali Kubur Gali Kubur Tak Pakai Selipar???Teka.. teka.. kalo terer
Teka-teki 6: Bulu bertemu bulu… kulit bertemu kulit… makin tambah rapat makin nikmat rasanyer!Jawablah kalau bijak sangat!
Teka-teki 7: 3 kepala, 6 mata, 8 kaki. Apakah bendanya tu?
Teka-teki 8: Masa dia hidup kita menyanyi, masa dia mati kita tepuk tangan.
Teka-teki 9: Scorpion kaler apa?
Teka-teki 10: Dalam banyak2 kera, kera ape yang pandai menaip???
Teka-teki 11: Ada sorang imam, tengah semahyang pastu ada sekor anjing lalu kat depan dia. Pastu dia jilat kaki dia, BATAL TAK AIR SEMAYANG IMAM TU???
Teka-teki 12: 4 orang awek cun berpayung dengan satu payung tapi nape tak basah langsung??

ha,leh jawab x..tau x jwpn die..ok lets check tul ke x..

Jawapan 1: Seluar dalam ler.. haha…

Jawapan 2: semut hitam tengah berjogging.. huhuhu

Jawapan 3: Kuih lepat liat la… sebab kapal terbang sampai langit je, tapi kuih lepat sampai lelangit!

Jawapan 4: Kotak penalti lah.. wawawa!

Jawapan 5: Selipar mana boleh buat gali tanah, guna cangkul lar… hue hue hue!!

Jawapan 6: Haah.. mulalah otak kuning, MATA lah jawapan nyer..!

Jawapan 7: Koboi naik kuda bawak ayam.

Jawapan 8: lilin masa sambut ‘EPI BESDAY’

Jawapan 9: Kala jengking lah.. senang pun takleh nak jawab!

Jawapan 10: Kerani(ade ke??huhu)

Jawapan 11: Mana batal sebab anjing tu jilat kaki dia sendiri!

Jawapan 12: Sebab tak hujan… aduhai! Dahlah malaslah nak tanya lagi… soalan bebudak pun takleh nak jawab!!

ha amacam..tul x jawapan korg..kalo tul semua,samade korg mmg terer or korg da tau soalan(x aci la..)huhu..

Sunday, September 14, 2008


early morning today..at time everyone busy2 sahur..rs besalah gile2 kat seorg makhluk allah ni..i let this person suffered wif pain and me not helping at all..i let my fren suffered..my best buddy..i'm sorry sya..huhu..

this morning when i woke up at 5 am(tu pun after shira kjut)..ttbe rs cam trgerak ati nk tgk henset..terkejut gile ble tgk 1 henset wif 7 miscall and another one wif 8 miscall..what happen??rupenye sya vomiting+diarrhoea..she call me asked for help..but i just x sedar,unconscious at all,'dead sleep'..huhu..she try so many time to reach me but sia2 jer..sya kate siap reject call lg..seyes xsedar involuntary action..huhu..seb baik ade nurul..she just came back thi morning..so nurul n alia yg bwk sya g A&E..rs bslah sgt2..

pastu blk bilik x leh tido..my brain keep thinking why??why??asal bleh x sedar..slalu sedar jer..huhu..mcm2 pkr..tkt sya msk wad la..hehe..siap mimpi2 lg sya kene admitted..haha..maybe penat sgt kot..(ye la tu)..pape pun sya da nmpk ok skt..nsb bek AGE je n x kene admitted..huhu..

sya sekali lagi aku NUR DIYANA MD HADIS nak mintak maap..seyes aku x sedar lnsung akan segala tindak tanduk aku(reject call ko)..aku x niat wei..sori..cepat2 baik ye=P..jgn lupe mkn ubat..

Friday, September 12, 2008

puase = ujian

da 12 hr kt puase..so lg 18 hr la nak raye..huhu..

so its been 12 days i didnt write anything in my lovely blog..lmnye..huhu..
actually bln puase ni byk sgt dugaan..busy+penat..so i dont have time for blogging..pity me..huhu..i'm tired coz everyday i need to hunting..hunting cases..i 'love' hunting..ni semua pasal log book..i need to full log book..at least 70 short cases..byk kan..so after blk dr hunting trus g oren kafe bli mknn untuk buke..

blk jer bilik trus collapse..huhu..kol 630 br la nk bgn mnd, smayng..bgs kan..hehe..then g blk sya..buke pose ngan sya..at night oncall plak..for this week i've been oncall staight every night..seyes panat+bosan..kalo doc rjn,dia round lm2..kalo nsb baik kjp je round..then we go hunting again..some time very lucky we get a case but some time not..dpt penat merayap jer..hehehe..

that my rutin everyday..very boring..what to do..i'm boring medical student..huhu..ni la yg diname kan ujian di bulan ramadhan..so kene la tabahkan ati..byk2 saba..huhu..tp best gak posting surgery ni..coz no short or long case..just mcq n meq..so less stressfull compare to paed posting..n this weekend i have to do my case write up..mls nyeeeeeeeeee...anyone amik upah wat report x??????

p/s:miss my home so much..miss mama n babah..my cats..mama's cook..i miss rengit..huhuhu..

Monday, September 1, 2008


finally da msuk ramadhan..today is first day im fasting for this ramadhan..how my 1st da ha..em fine just a bit tired..biasa la name pun pose kan..n cam bese ade symptom2 lupe..alwaz forget that im fasting..nsb bek x mkn..huhu..

yesterday i got my 1st sahur dlm bas..very sad..just eat nasi wif ayam..bekal from home..really hope i can sahur wif my family=(..n actually i have miss my 1st n 2nd terawih..today i have oncall so still cannot go for terawih..hopefully dpt terawih pnh dis year..

one more thing that i alwayz miz is mama's cook during breaking fast..td pun just buke lauk bese2 je..x spesel pun..not like home..hr2 tkr2..waa nak buke kat umah..just my 1st day,already miz my home..huhu..

happy ramadhan n hopefully this ramadhan will bring along more bless n peace..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


em da lame x tls pape kan..last week busy exam..plus internet not so good at my room..maybe something wrong wif my laptop..i think it should be reformat again..huh benci tul..

yee.tomorrow im going home...padahal br je blk..cm intan kate da 3 weekend x duduk usm ni..last 2 week i went to my lovely home..last week g kuantan..konvo someone..someone very special in my life..huhu..a very tiring weekend tp best..berbaloi kot..huhu..tgk org konvo rs cam best jer..seyes x saba nk grad..2 more years to go..huh lame gak tu..chaiyuk noddy..u can do it..

p/s:wa..i got flu..hate it..penat srok srek2..huhu..xde mood nk tls pnjg2..

Friday, August 8, 2008


em weekend yg bsn..just nk share 1 story i read in al-falah..rsnye ramai da bc kot..tp nak cite gak..huhu..i just love it..coz it make me realize..make me understand..meke me cry..

cite ni psal sorg budak ngan kepompong
bdk ni jln2 kat tmn pastu nmpk 2 kepompong..tgh die duk usha2 ttbe 1 kepompng tu grk2..rupe2nye 'bakal kupu2' dlm tu da smpai time nak kuar..kupu2 ngan susah payahnye..merobek,mengoyak,menhancurkan kepompong tu tuk kuar..dekat 1 jam br die dpt kua ngan jaye nye.."yes berjaye gak aku kuar",kata si kupu2 dgn bahagianye..die pun trbg la ngan kepak yg cntk tu..huhu..

ttbe kepompong yg stu lg td pun grk2 gak..da smpai time die plak kot..pastu bdk kecik td pun terfikir.."baik aku tlg die.cepat skt.xde la seksa + susah payah die nk kua."bdk kecik td bermonolog..huhu..die pun g la koyak kepompong nk bg kupu2 td kuar ngan senang-lenang la kononnya..baik bdk ni kan..huhu..

ttbe..jeng jeng jeng
kupu2 tu x terbang, tp jatuh tergolek kat atas tanah..x larat nk terbang..bdk td pelik..asal plak kupu2 ni..kepak die skt ke..luke ke..asal die x terbang..

agak-agaknye kenapa die x lrt nk terbang..sdg kn td die x bersusah pyh pun.sng2 je dpt kua..n knape plak kupu2 yg 1st td dpt terbang..padahal die da pnt da..ha, nape ek??

hdup kite pun mcm la kupu2 ni..cume kdg2 kt x sedar..kite slalu nak senang, x nak susah2 kan??perasan x ble kite diuji oleh Allah.. kte mengeluh,marah,geram,stress,tension,nangis...tnp kite sedar semua tu sebenarnye nk jd kan kite lg kuat da gagah perkasa..cam la kupu2 yg 1st td..supaya die bleh trbang tggi..kte pun x nak jd mcm kupu2 yg 2nd tu..lum pape da jatuh menyembah bumi..kt biasa denga org ckp..org y slalu diuji tu maksudnya Allah syg kat die..mcm zmn para nabi dan sahabat dulu..

ala mcm pepatah la yg berenang2 tu..hehe..lg pun rsnye lg best kalo kt dpt something tu atas usaha kt sendiri..rs cam lg syok..lg best..dr dpt free2 je..xde feel..tul x??ke x ??..huhu..so dpt x moral of de story..cam story telling plak..huhu..actually bercerite ni tuk igt kan diri sendiri..dan member2 especially 4th year meden..n cite ni xde kene2 mgena2 sma ade yg msh idup atau pun yg sudah xde..huhu..sm2 la kte merobek semua bntuk kesusahan..menebalkan diri kena mara..supay finally kte ble pakai DR depan nama kte..n berkhidmat tuk masyarakat(cam poyos je)..hehe..chayuk!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


this is a 5th week in paediatric posting..which mean is the last week before exam...what???arghhh..alot of thing not done yet..a lot of procedure..5 more presentation to go..study some more for exam..role play for tomorrow( i hate this)..huh..i really hope that i have a lot more time..huhu..among all, the presentation is the 'best' part..to get the history..to clerk the patient is not so difficult..u just to ask the patient or parent if patient is very small..age la i mean..to present the cases is not easy..i have to kumpul all energy + confident(y memeng krg)..n then kena crk doc which is seem to be less busy n approach..n u know most of the doc is very2 busy..huhu
n this week i have present 3 cases in 3 days..n actuall i present 2 cases today..wah..i', impresed wif myself..hehe..to reach the target..i have to just bedal je..wat muke x malu n approach doc..even the scariest doc pun..i just so desperate to get all their priceless signature..kene marah..kena bebel..just be like titubation patient..huhu..the important is their signature..sound very desperate rite..i just feel some kind of thing that push me very hard to did all dis..
huh just 6 days left before this posting end..5 more cases to present..so, it means that i have to present at least 1 cases per day..wow..superb nodi..hahaha..

p/s:hopefully ape y prof choo ckp tul la..that i have a good luck..hehehe..
wish me luck!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


aku x da lrt
da x mampu nk tanggung
ht aku skt sgt
cam2 aku rase..
pas satu..satu lg dtg
rs cam da tertanggung lg..
rase cam nak meletup..
i'm so tired...
help me..
help me pliz.pliz..

ya allah kau tabah kan la hati hamba mu ini..
dalam menghadapi semua dugaan mu..
sesungguhnya aku hamba mu yg lemah ya allah..

Saturday, July 26, 2008


em hr ni weekend..hr tuk bgn lmbt..heheh..tp hr ni xleh bgn lmbt..bkn sebab oncall tp sbb ktorg da janji nk wat keje amal..keje amal??huhu..dr Hans mntk tolong ktorg gotong royong kat YOKUK..YOKUK ni yayasan orang kurang upaya kelantan..pg td bgn ttbe rs cam,'asal la ko ni rjn sgt nodi..kalo x kan bleh tdo'..tp cepat2 aku nyah pmikiran tu dr otak ni..hehehe..so YOKUK here we come..
skali tggu pny tggu 7 org je yang gi..hampes tul bdk2 ni..x nak wat keje amal ke..dapat pahala free tu..huhu..x kesah la..smpai kat sn ade la lg diorg pny org2 yokuk kot..x watpe pun..tlg sapu2 daun2..sapu2 rumput..sbab diorg ade majlis besday 31 hb ni..tu yg kene bersih2 kan tu..abis wat keje pe lg mkn la..tu yg best pun..keje x sebapa mkn je yg lebih..da xde keje kan, nak wat camne..hehe..
em mlm ni plak kene wat report..tgh wat actually tp otak da blur la..tlis blog x blur plak ek..kalo la wat report ni cam wat blog je kan bgs..ikut suke aku je..arghh serabut la..k la nak kene siap kan mlm ni gak..

chayuk noddy!!!

intan ngan farha wat2 rajin..

rajin nye budak ni ..anak sape la ni..

tolong pasang khemah..

wa gagah perkasa nye aku..kua muscle trk khemah ni..

Thursday, July 24, 2008


finally...dpt gak g mkn cim cum..x penah lg g tau..sian kan..ktorg g smlm..sbb duit JPA da masuk..yeeaaa...hehehe..n aku yg drive..stlh sekian lm x drive..huhu..em cim cum ni cam steambot la..best..ktorg mkn sampai nk pecah perut..x tau la bape round..pasni kite g lg ek..=p

nurul tgh khusyuk memilih..

1st round..

sya+alya wat muke teruja..hehe

2nd round..mkn byk..huhu


me n nurul

muke da kenyang tp kena abis kn..

tinggal kerak je..finish..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


hari ni 1st time aku miss Sindarela..x penah miss tau b4 ni..semua nye ssb kena oncall..da la hr ni pack gile..blk ptg td pun da kol 6 pastu x dpt tgk my favourite cite plak..frust tul..tp tu la yg dinamekan pengorbanan..ye ke??huhu..

tp ml ni aku dpt 2 signature tuk log book..1 tuk nebuliser n 1 lg present case..suke nye..finally aku dpt present case..xde la kosong lg..hehe..x sia2 aku 'bekorban'..walaupun history cam hampeh tp doctor baik..dpt gak sign..2 je motif pun..huhu..so aim hr ni kre berjaye la..horray!!!

hopefully a good sign 4 tomorrow..

Monday, July 21, 2008

my mood

blk wad td jln sorg ttbe..

plus mcm2 lg la..semua nya bercampur baur..gaul sebati cukup perasa..huhu..
x tau la..posting ni xde la susah gileer..tp susah gak la..tp ade ke bnda yg "senang" dlm medical ni..huh..aku pun xleh explain perasn aku tu..byk sgt..haha..pape pun aku kena jugak terus kan..suke tau pun x..kan??

em tp lepas bli 100 plus kat kedai cik din..ttbe..

aku rase energetic..bersemangat..da kurang serabut..x kan sbb 100 plus ni kot..huhu..
dlm ati ni berkobar..
ttbe aku mcm denga suare halus..
"ko bleh la nodi"
"org lain bleh xkan ko x bleh"
"chayukk nodi!!!"
berhallusinasi kah aku..ahaha..

aku pun dengan semangatnye..blk terus duduk kat meja..
bukak laptop..menaip..
membebel dlm blog..hehehe..
ok pe at least aku x la wat bnd2 yg x sepatutnya lps rase down+stress..
n aku ade plan..aku plan lps ni nak..

1.theraphy - EZORA (membantu ma)
2.study pasal transient wheezing
3.study pasal broncial asthma
4.organize case
5.esok nk present case n clerk new case..

wah semangat nye..bleh jd ke ni..kt tgk esok k..

Friday, July 18, 2008


i should write this thing yesterday..tp da tertido..huhu..so i write it today..

smalam after class wif dr.zilfalil regarding abnormal baby we going out..to kb mall..intan tny ktorg nk g tak..n ktorg for sure say yes..ms dlm class rs cam bijak je..coz bleh jwb..hehe..sbb da trbaca plus dpt tgk real patients..mlm b4 tu aku ngan sya g menyebok kat nicu( b4 ktorg diarah kn kua ngan terhormat 4 de 2nd time)..n ade 1 baby tu br je admitted..baby tu ade Edward Syndrome..ingat kan case ni rare, x sangka dpt tgk real..de features of de syndrome very obvious..so hopefully i can remember forever ..for my future purposes..sian baby tu coz in book it stated that baby will survive only for few days or weeks..*sigh*tp kite manusia hanya mampu mrncang kan..aku x smpt lg nk g tgk baby tu..

em back to b mall..hehe..ktorg x g mn pun..first thing mkn dulu sbb perut da lapa gile..hem nk g mkn kat ne ek..aku kate noodle station tp sya kate rasa mas..guess who win..disebabkan aku baik ati,aku bg sya mng..hehehe..so aku pun order la set yg ade ikan msk tomyam..sbb x penah try lg..ok la..tp set tu xde sayur so aku pun try sya pny..i hate taugeh..tp smlm aku mkn taugeh..haha..rs cam pelik plak..tp rs die lain la..x mcm rs yg wat aku benci taugeh..maybe cara die msk tu kot..i don know..

i eat taugeh???

my set..tp da separuh br teringat nk amik pic..

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Huh,letihnya hr ni..hr ni hidup aku dihantui stu ksh ni..aku asyik duk teringat je..em dan aku rs bnda ni smpai ke tua kerepot pun akan sgr dlm otak aku ni...huhu..menyayat hati tul ksh ni..

Alkisah tersebut la kisah..hehe
hr ni ktorg stat posting neonate kt 1TB.so after denga briefing dr sister ktorg g 2 topaz 4 immunization..b4 tu ktorg smpt la bljr camne nk wat postnatal examination..n after that back to main point we r here,to perform immunization..to perform ok not to observed..coz da ade dlm buku log kn..huhu..nurse tu pun ajar la bg BCG..BCG ni stand for Bacille Calmatte-Guerin 4 TB..given intradermally..it's lived atenuated vaccine..so nurse tu kt x leh pancit suke2 la..hehe..after observed de procedure,we r allowed to do to de baby..

n 1st volunter as ussual philip..philip wat ok cume kedlm skt..tp nurse tu kt ok..next rupesh..rupesh wat ok..cantik..tp bleh plak die wat lupe..buang needle kat tmpat x sepatutnya..huhu..n then nurse tu kt xpe la u all observed je..so ktorg pun smbg jd pemerhati..ttbe baby last tu nurse tny kat aku nk wat ke..aku ngan yakin nya kt bleh..coz da tgk n aku pun rs cm confident gak la..hahaha..mule2 ok..aku pun cucuk la..tp BCG kn intradermal so kn insert needle tu skt je bwh kulit..n then baby tu stat tu move..alamak baby jgn la grk2..huhu..aku da stat shaking..cuak..sbb x nk inject dlm sgt nk wat cntk la konon aku terinject sikit sgt..so ble aku tkn je..apelg bnd tu merecik kena muke aku..waaaa..aku pun cpt2 g bsh muke..sian baby tu..lastnye nurse yg wat..em tkt gak tkt vaccine tu akn coz infection plak kat aku..alamak..huhuhu..
so sape2 yg aku da wat slh tu mntk maaf la ye..huhu..krenye bkn sng la..nmpk sng tp susah..dan kejadian ni wat aku berfikir..can i be a good doctor in a future??can i do no harm tO my patients??
Disebabkan aku rs x best..rs besalah..stress..de best treatment is SHOPPING..bnd ni sthun skl je aku shopping..shopping buku..hehehe..shopping gak tu..

ni buku yg aku bli hr ni..7 buah..huhu

handbook ni semua nmpk cm menarik..so aku bli la..

buku pharmaco..

Friday, July 11, 2008


Hari ni aku oncall kat NICU..1st day oncall during weekend.. So pg bgn awal walaupun mata liat sgt nk bukak..punye la smgt kn..huhuhu..ktorg pun g la..smpi trs ikut round..pastu aku pun tgk2 baby..tgk2 folder..sian aku tgk baby2 tu..ade stu baby tu ade heart prob..kalo x slp PDA..punye la byk ubat n berselirat..ade dlm 7,8 jenis ubat..sedih aku tgk..pastu Dr.Aida sampai ktorg ikut la..n then tggu Dr.Rahim..baby ni nk wat echo..Dr.Aida g tgk baby len plak..die scan baby tu..aku plk gak asal die scan brain..tgh duk tertanya2 ttbe die da tny dlu..huhuhu..blum smpt aku bukak mulut skl die ckp ,"u r 4th year rite,sptutnya stud yg kt NICU kena oncall.u better go off now.".tergamam jap ktorg.Dr mara ke??abis x yah oncall ke??

Rupenya Dr x mara pun..mmg btul la..coz ktorg x tau pape kn ttbe dtg oncall..aku ngan sya pun wat muke sdh la konon..padahal dlm hati suke gile..hahaha..so ktorg pun blk..x yah oncall..hurrae..tp x dpt la tgk procedure..x dpt pnh log book..so ade best ade x best gak..
so bleh blk tido..hehehe..

p/s:igt kn hari ni akan jd hr yg plg memenatkn..rupenye x..
so kt enjoy..=p


Assalamulaikum..hai..hello to me..myself..hehehe..n everyone..
Ha,aku da ade blog..ttbe je rase nk wat blog..tgk bdk2 ni ade cam best gak..at least aku bleh story mory morning glory kn..bleh meluahkan..chewah..huhuhu..bleh share cite2 best..em mcm lagi la..lg pun skang blk da dpt tenet..ni la 1st time aku merasa duk blk dpt tenet power cam ni tau..kesian ek..huhuhu..k la ek..
c u next time..hehehe..