Wednesday, September 23, 2009


hye everyone!!
it's 4th syawal..n i'm still in kampung at perlis..
n i'm blogging from my aunt house..
my activities is totally pack here..since we only back once a year..
so many thing to many place to
i'll be back to kelantan on this saturday..
just 2 more days to go..time flies too fast..huhu..
k c u in kelantan then..daaa...

Friday, September 11, 2009


tggl 8 hr je before syawal and end of ramadhan..everybody are busy preparing baju raya,kuih raye,n macam2 lg la..also this is last weekend before raye next week..n today me,nurul and alia went to kb..yeyea..hehe..we went at early morning around 9 am..early for me..huhu..but at time we arrive at kb parking was already almost full and jln da stat byk kete..seb bek dpt parking yg kr dkt berbaloi bgn awal..haha..

first destination was pasar siti that time only few gerai had already open..most of them was not yet open..better for me..coz to many kedai too many choice and too pening..haha..x pusing sgt pun..ktorg just bli2 pe yg ptt jer..i just bought the thing that mama order..bese la keropok,beras pulut..huhu..n nothing for myself..

2nd destination of course parkson..ops KB trade center ok..huhu..that was my first time went there..ketinggalan skt la..huhu..dr luar nmpk cm besa n tinggi.. tp ble msk dlm xde la besa sgt..parkson 3 tgkt jer..just window shoping..nothing cought my eyes n my manusia giler ramai..esp dkt verns,oasis smpai nurul kt "sape cpt die dpt ke ni"..huhu..srnk lak tgk gelagat basically xde hasil la..usha2 jer..

we not stop there..last one is of course, KB was also crowded with people..the aims was actually to survey for handbag OR dua2 x dpt..dpt bnd len.. i bought 1 long blouse for this raye..since mama just smpt jht 1 bj krg jer..xpe la ma..huhu..n know what we meet with remy ishak and diana danielle..actually we saw them in front of BATA from 2 nd floor..hehe..they all ade prog pe ntah for anak yatim i guess..n nurul ckp diorg duta kot..n we had took pic of them..nnt la upload..tgh mls sgt ni..n around 2 o clock we back to usm..

actually xde la sakan pun sakan berjalan..smpai 3 tmpt..tggl tesco jer x g..huhu..n after tdo dgn sgt best kt blk..ptg plak ktorg kuar buke..plan A nk buke kt sue da fully ktorg pun ngan xde plan B pun heading to Lazat tutup terpaksa la buker kt Jimi Cafe ok la..just not many choices of esk nk buker mn plak???shr x lg da pkr buke..hahaha..

p/s:tgh layan lagu raye kt radio..syok giler..x saba sgt nk blk..huhu..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Finally after one year..i'm able to donate my blood..what a long time ha..last 2 days blood bank had organised mega blood donation at dewan as preparation..i have took iron tablet since before puasa to make sure that my HB level is adequate..semangat x??huhu..n finally i pass the 'scary part'- to check HB level..this is my 6th times donating my blood..and A LOT of failed attempt..i'm always had a problems every time to donate because of my low HB..n always frustrated esp when other fren pass..n i always be 'peneman' sya every time she donate her blood..teman tgk n teman mkn telur..hahah..sedey tau..people like me only will understand how i feel..huhu

but this time, i passed..hehe..although my HB is only 12.2 g/dl compare to sya 14.9g/ long as i'm pass i'm happy..hehe..n another thing is i won a lucky draw..lucky 140..i won a towel..actually my aim was a toaster tp x pe la..huhu..i hope a can donate again another 3 month from now..but before that i have to take my iron..huhu..a hate taking iron actually coz it made me constipation and black stool..haha..

ape syoknye derma darah??syok giler..i cant describe the feeling but it make u feel a big mom always scold me when she know i donate my blood..coz she said that my hb is low n only enough for myself..mak2 bese la..haha.. but for me this is the way i can help other people who need..i may not rich to donate hundred or thousand of money..but i hope 1pack of my blood may help other people who really2 need..

i'm a universal doner..hehe..

Monday, September 7, 2009

x saba..

em cm pelik jer hr ni..pg2 da tls blog..pas subuh td rs x ngtk plak..
br je pas tulis kat raya tuk parent and tuk wan kt kg..
even org kt ngade2 anta kad raye kat family..kesah ape kan..
aku da anta kad raye sejak zaman sekola lg..da terbiase..da jd kewajiban..
kalo thn ni x anta,konpem mama sedih..mama tu kn bleh..huhu..

tp skang da x mcm dlu..dlu selalu lumba2 ngan angah sape dpt kad raye plg byk..
pastu ktorg gntg n hias kt skang da x de da..
ye la..semua da pkai sms,mms..x kan nk gntg sms tu kan..
kalo dpt pun x byk cm dlu2.. xbest kan..
sms tu mmg la sng,jimat..x yah nk setem2..just forward je msg2 yg kt dpt tu kt org len..
tp x kekal..lm2 inbox da penuh kt delete je msg2 tu..tul x??
teknologi mmg la kdg2 yg old skool jgk yg best..huhu..

p/s:bkn nk anti rnd ngan suasana dlu2..huhu