Saturday, October 10, 2009


so as i are some of my hari raye pic..i just can upload some of them..coz byk just enjot it..

baptok,maktok and the grandchildren..only me n angah 'bunge'..haha

my family wif my grandparent

my best buddy..luv u..=P

my groupmates..only part of it..ade yg xde..

open house umah sue..

alia,nurul,sya n me..=D

Monday, October 5, 2009


last weekend is really full with open house n jamuan really full my stomach with free sgt..n also we have a WORLD HEART DAY here..we r just a volunter..i'll upload the photo of that later..not in mood rite now..

finally it come out..n i feel what i feel during my 1st year on 1st hard to say..i dont know what i feel..sometimes i think i'm ok but sometimes i feel really sad n stupid..feeling really is not something that i'm not expected..but somehow u r still hoping that u gonna make it..but i think it serve me right..i'm too lazy,too lepak,not study was my fault not ohthers..n dont blaming others for ur failure..sometimes u need failure in order to success..learn from mistake..jgn leke is not time to play anymore..

i have exam ortho 2morrow..i hope this time i'm gonna make it..
i dont want to be a A student..i just to be a passed student..=)

p/s: wish me luck 4 tomorrow..