Thursday, April 15, 2010

new ME

uhuk uhuk.. ya allah berhabuk nye..
blog sape la ni.. sian nye..hehehe...

sori la my baby blog..for so long holiday..huhu..
i'm so busy with study week n exam week n everything..

but today i'm bloging as a new title..


thank u allah for letting this finally happen.. i still cannot believe it..
mama always said to me..that she know i will pass just the path is more difficult than others..
there no words to tell of how grateful i am..

alhamdullilah ya allah..ko telah makbulkan 1 lg permintaan ku..walaupun aku slalu leka n berbuat khilaf tp kau tidak pernah manghampakan ku..kau sentiasa membantu aku..akhirnye aku dpt khabarkan berita gembira utk ibubapa ku..ini lah hadiah yang x ternilai..aku bersyukur sgt2 ya allah..terima kasih ya allah..amin..

actually there is so many people i should thanks..they always there for me when i need it..they never stop support me n pray for me..

thanks to mama n babah..sebab x penah putus doakan,along da jd doctor ma..semua ni ats doa mama..thanks for wake me up every morning..for belive in me..n now i miss u so much..i cant wait to see u,to hug u..thanks so much to angah n adik as maktok n all my family..i love u all..

i wanna thanks to both my lovely sya,thanks u so much..u are the best study partner ever..thanks for helping me with my viva..walaupun ko ngtk n tersenggok2+skt kepala, ko thn sbb aku..aku x kan lupe semua tu..thanks for be there for me when i need it..n sorry sbb wat ko risau psl aku..seyesly i'm gonna miss u DR ISYA nurul,u are the best roomate+fren forever..thanks sebab tiap2 mlm bwk kitorg kua mkn..bli kan mknn,support ktorg,doakan ktorg,n thanks denga kn result aku..aku akn sentiasa doakan ko gak..kite akn same grad thn ni..aku nk sgt g penang ngan ko kan..thanks a lot my dentist DR NURUL FAHIZHA..u guys rocks..

to my love one..u still there eventhough i'm so busy all this while..not spending time for u..n thanks gak sbb thn ngan kerenah ayg..thank u so much..

to all my fren..wether u pass or not..thank u so much..thanks for all ur wishes n prays..finally it happen guys.. to my study group happy we all finally make it..thanks doc always mention,be a safe doctors..hopefully can work with u guys in the future..n not to forget to all my lecturers..jasa mu akan ku kenang..chewah...

so many words 'thanks' in this post..coz that is how i feel..n that the only thing i can offer to show how grateful i am..emm x mo nangis da..da byk da air mate aku abis..that since i'm going home soon..i think i'll always updated my blog..hopefully la..hehe..

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i'm neglecting my blog lately..coz there are so many think in my head..
the pro..the report..presentation..n now wif all this MMC form n SPA now im kind of busy..

i've been told by 1 of my fren that exercise can increase HB level and wif addition to iron tablet it can treat the since my HB is always at low level or borderline low i thought that i should try start do some exercise..actually i dont really have a problem wif low HB in other word i'm assymptomatic anemia..i dont have a problem at all except for blood donation..just about 3 month left in HUSM im thinking of my last blood donation here..n i decided to start far i could remember, it think the last time i went for a jog was 1 year back or maybe was a long time i've been it is a good decision..=P

so currently im doing an experiment toward myself to see wether it works to me or not..a lot of study have shown a good result in increase the HB level wif iron tablet +exercise..i've started since last week..n for the 1st three days it killing muscle all over my body was really painful..especially when i want to pray..mcm makcik tua smayg was really bad..

my aim is to increase my HB not to reduce weight..but if it is reduce my weight at the same time,then it is a bonus to me..(my mom will 'bising' if she know)..haha..know what, i hate jogging..i dunno why,but i dont like jogging..but since it is the easier way n i have no choice..but if this is a price a have pay so that i can donate my blood n help other people,i guess why to the people out there,who are healthy and fit and not anemic..why dont u try donating ur blood..a lot of people really need it..think about it..

Monday, January 11, 2010

a wonderful time..


while brg2..I feel this one feeling..

i miss BESUT..seriously..huhh
i miss sore shu xuan pekik pg2..haha..

i miss our activities after abis class..facebooking..wif our own fav posture..huhu..
i miss bising2 sore msk2 kt dpr..
i miss kesejukan smpai mengigit tulang every subuh..
i miss the food there..coz im so boring wif cafe's food..

i miss sate jabi..nyum2..
i miss our leisure time activities..picnic and swimming...i miss a lot..

i miss everything..

just wanna share some pic of us there..






lata tembakah




i wish i could turn a time was really2 fun that time.. we really enjoy ourselves there..but now its time to think about more main2..time to struggling n study..

chaiyuk guys..we can do it..

p/s:i've been compose this entry since last week..coz the internet is abit slow to upload the that y this entry is abit 'basi'..haha..

Saturday, January 9, 2010


i just feeling better today..just sometimes i feel my room is spining..i just got a chanche to write this entry..happy besday to my beloved mama..she's wonderful, she's my best fren...i love her so much..muaah..


i just got better from diarrhea..severe diarrhea for 5 days..the severe one was a 1st day..with vomiting,fever,cough and very lethargy.. luckily my fren brought me to A&E that nite ..i been admitted to observation ward and and then was discharged..i thought i'll be ok the next morning..however, thing still da same.. still watery diarrhea and stomach was supermotility..grong..grong sound..owh i hate that..i wonder why all the medication was not working..but i still took it..

i'm so thankful to my best fren for taking care of me food..msg me..but the most important one is my mom..she so worried.. she even want to come here just to take care of me.. although deep in my heart, i want her to be here but i'm able to convience her that i'm ok..i felt guilty coz i sick on her besday.. i'm suppose to give a present but instead..hmmm..such a big present for her this year..huhu..she keep calling like 24/ was good coz at least someone know if i was collapse that time..i love u mom..n of course to all my groupmate..for asking about my condition and all the wishes..thank u so much guys..

i missed class for 3 days..n i'm not studying at all for this whole week..exam just really2 close my dear..u have to keep more play2..keep moving forward..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i got a phone call from my mom..

mama: along watpe,mama call asyik x dpt..

me : owh..henset xde bateri la ma..sori..hehe..nape ma??

mama:xde saje je..mama nk g amik angah ni..

me: owh aah..angah blk hr ni..jeles nye..nk blk gak..

mama: tau x..angah da jdk org kaye skang..OKB..jpa die br msk ari ni..

me: ha???ye ke..cptnye..yg hr tu pun br jer aci..

mama: aah die tgh kaye la tu..nnt along da miskin bleh la wat loan kat dia..haha..

moral of the story.. i'm so jeles at her coz i'm a bit kering rite now..still using my own scolarship not pa n ma bank..but i'm afraid if i dont get my jpa soon,im gonna end up using 'pa n ma'..i wonder where all my money gone..i'm not a shopaholic like been a while since we go shopping i think..i mean a true shopping..hehe..n i didnt go on vacation..but still sengkeng..

i think i spent a lot at food..seriously..i eat a lot lately..i feel hungry all the time..n my mouth cant stop mengunyah..for me i think it's okay to spent money on food rather than other thing..but some people there are so berkira n kedekut..they only eat at certain restaurant because it cheap eventhough x sedap..n they even bising kalo krm mknn kat org n mknn tu mhl(bese je tp more than their expectation)..just dont understand this kind of people..saving n kedekut is 2 different thing ok..saving is good..but sometimes nak gak mkn sedap2..skl sekale..rasenye x slh..nak watpen berkire..nk isi perut sendiri gak offense ok..this is just my opinion..

i just wish to receive my scholarship soon..$$$$$$$

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


this is my 2nd week in besut for my distric posting a.k.a family and community medicine posting..i love besut so much..i mean i really feel like home here..coz we can cook what ever food we want to eat..surronded by people u love..betul2 cm zmn hostel dolo2..bgn pagi mengokol sejuk nk giler..i want to be here longer can i??huhu..tomorrow we have to go back to boring plus xde air..bosan bergande2..*sigh*

today we go to the lab in KK fullfileed our log book 'terchenta'..the staf was really kind (in fact all their staf are frenly and kind, not like offense)..he explain everything and let us do the test and blood one of our requirement, we have to attach an abnormal result for urine and blood test..we have manage to get one pt with positive finding..n the staf help us print the result for each one of us..hehe..but we dont get any abnormal blood result..

unfortunately n suddenly i've become the pt..they decide to took my blood n my best buddy sya did it coz usually i'm a bit anemic..seb bek dpt..huhu..n bende yg jrg2 berlaku, i wish i'm anemic that time vs i wish i'm normal everytime i want to donate my blood..2 diffrent wishes..haha..n happy to say my Hb level is below normal=ABNORMAL..konon2 nye..for the sake of log book bangang i'm willingly give my hand to be poke..being in medical school make me done a lot of crazy n stupid thing.. a thing that u never thought before..

n beside my ABNORMAL blood test result, we've been suprised my another ABNORMAL result..this evening, we observe a stafnurse did the rapid HIV cm bese we just stand there watching n be a good observer..huhu..n there's one couple who had been married in Thai n decide to 'remarried' here legally..the husband is IVDU and on methadone prog for almost 1 year if i'm not mistaken..prior to the test the couple seem nervous especially the wife since their knew the risk..the husband had done the test 3 times and pass all the test including this time..which mean he is negative.. for the moment..n when it comes to the wife, i saw a 2 lines in the kit..but i'm not really sure what it mean..i know 1 line is negative..n 2 lines is postitive..but the moment i saw it i was like..does positive really loke like that..i'm speechless at that time esp when i saw the nurse's face..

n it was a positive result..the step: if the screning turn to be positive u have to repeat the test by ELISA to confirm the result..positive screening can be false positive,however the rapid HIV test is 95% is kind of weird how come the husband who is IVDU is negative n turn to be the wife is can happen..anything is possible..kete pun bleh jth dlm KB anything is possible..i'm not going to judge..but the thing is i cant stop myself to would u feel if the wife is u..i keep thinking about how their future might be..coz the pt is pregnant right's the baby..the family members reaction..the community stigma..i just cannot imagine..i try to confort the pt but instead my eyes is make me realize that life is too second u were normal n the next second u were told to be ABNORMAL..

Saturday, November 21, 2009


just a few days before we have an anaes exam which mean the end of boredness...haha..
no offense..i just dont feel 'into' anaes..even there are alot to learn.. i just cant enjoy it..for me i think it is a boring posting..sorry to said..huhu..

i miss A&E so so much.. i miss the environment..the enthusiastic to learn..the very,very good doctors..the kind nurses n MA.. i miss everything..seriously..i have never been so exciting n x nak blk during oncall except A&E..i can stand for 8-9 hours in that super cold room..coz i love it..huh..i miss it..=(