Tuesday, December 8, 2009


this is my 2nd week in besut for my distric posting a.k.a family and community medicine posting..i love besut so much..i mean i really feel like home here..coz we can cook what ever food we want to eat..surronded by people u love..betul2 cm zmn hostel dolo2..bgn pagi mengokol sejuk nk mati..best giler..i want to be here longer can i??huhu..tomorrow we have to go back to usm..so boring plus xde air..bosan bergande2..*sigh*

today we go to the lab in KK besut..to fullfileed our log book 'terchenta'..the staf was really kind (in fact all their staf are frenly and kind, not like Usm..no offense)..he explain everything and let us do the test and blood taking..as one of our requirement, we have to attach an abnormal result for urine and blood test..we have manage to get one pt with positive finding..n the staf help us print the result for each one of us..hehe..but we dont get any abnormal blood result..

unfortunately n suddenly i've become the pt..they decide to took my blood n my best buddy sya did it coz usually i'm a bit anemic..seb bek dpt..huhu..n bende yg jrg2 berlaku, i wish i'm anemic that time vs i wish i'm normal everytime i want to donate my blood..2 diffrent wishes..haha..n happy to say my Hb level is below normal=ABNORMAL..konon2 nye..for the sake of log book bangang i'm willingly give my hand to be poke..being in medical school make me done a lot of crazy n stupid thing.. a thing that u never thought before..

n beside my ABNORMAL blood test result, we've been suprised my another ABNORMAL result..this evening, we observe a stafnurse did the rapid HIV test..so cm bese we just stand there watching n be a good observer..huhu..n there's one couple who had been married in Thai n decide to 'remarried' here legally..the husband is IVDU and on methadone prog for almost 1 year if i'm not mistaken..prior to the test the couple seem nervous especially the wife since their knew the risk..the husband had done the test 3 times and pass all the test including this time..which mean he is negative.. for the moment..n when it comes to the wife, i saw a 2 lines in the kit..but i'm not really sure what it mean..i know 1 line is negative..n 2 lines is postitive..but the moment i saw it i was like..does positive really loke like that..i'm speechless at that time esp when i saw the nurse's face..

n it was a positive result..the step: if the screning turn to be positive u have to repeat the test by ELISA to confirm the result..positive screening can be false positive,however the rapid HIV test is 95% accurate..it is kind of weird how come the husband who is IVDU is negative n turn to be the wife is +ve..it can happen..anything is possible..kete pun bleh jth dlm KB mall..so anything is possible..i'm not going to judge..but the thing is i cant stop myself to think..how would u feel if the wife is u..i keep thinking about how their future might be..coz the pt is pregnant right now..how's the baby..the family members reaction..the community stigma..i just cannot imagine..i try to confort the pt but instead my eyes is bergenang..sebak..it make me realize that life is too short..one second u were normal n the next second u were told to be ABNORMAL..


anonymous said...

FYI u kind of parasite, taking advantages of ppl

noddy said...

what do u mean by 'taking advantages of people'??