Saturday, January 9, 2010


i just feeling better today..just sometimes i feel my room is spining..i just got a chanche to write this entry..happy besday to my beloved mama..she's wonderful, she's my best fren...i love her so much..muaah..


i just got better from diarrhea..severe diarrhea for 5 days..the severe one was a 1st day..with vomiting,fever,cough and very lethargy.. luckily my fren brought me to A&E that nite ..i been admitted to observation ward and and then was discharged..i thought i'll be ok the next morning..however, thing still da same.. still watery diarrhea and stomach was supermotility..grong..grong sound..owh i hate that..i wonder why all the medication was not working..but i still took it..

i'm so thankful to my best fren for taking care of me food..msg me..but the most important one is my mom..she so worried.. she even want to come here just to take care of me.. although deep in my heart, i want her to be here but i'm able to convience her that i'm ok..i felt guilty coz i sick on her besday.. i'm suppose to give a present but instead..hmmm..such a big present for her this year..huhu..she keep calling like 24/ was good coz at least someone know if i was collapse that time..i love u mom..n of course to all my groupmate..for asking about my condition and all the wishes..thank u so much guys..

i missed class for 3 days..n i'm not studying at all for this whole week..exam just really2 close my dear..u have to keep more play2..keep moving forward..

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