Sunday, January 24, 2010


i'm neglecting my blog lately..coz there are so many think in my head..
the pro..the report..presentation..n now wif all this MMC form n SPA now im kind of busy..

i've been told by 1 of my fren that exercise can increase HB level and wif addition to iron tablet it can treat the since my HB is always at low level or borderline low i thought that i should try start do some exercise..actually i dont really have a problem wif low HB in other word i'm assymptomatic anemia..i dont have a problem at all except for blood donation..just about 3 month left in HUSM im thinking of my last blood donation here..n i decided to start far i could remember, it think the last time i went for a jog was 1 year back or maybe was a long time i've been it is a good decision..=P

so currently im doing an experiment toward myself to see wether it works to me or not..a lot of study have shown a good result in increase the HB level wif iron tablet +exercise..i've started since last week..n for the 1st three days it killing muscle all over my body was really painful..especially when i want to pray..mcm makcik tua smayg was really bad..

my aim is to increase my HB not to reduce weight..but if it is reduce my weight at the same time,then it is a bonus to me..(my mom will 'bising' if she know)..haha..know what, i hate jogging..i dunno why,but i dont like jogging..but since it is the easier way n i have no choice..but if this is a price a have pay so that i can donate my blood n help other people,i guess why to the people out there,who are healthy and fit and not anemic..why dont u try donating ur blood..a lot of people really need it..think about it..

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farrah said...

hehehe chaiiyokk noddy!!! slamat bjogging+cuci mate =p