Thursday, April 15, 2010

new ME

uhuk uhuk.. ya allah berhabuk nye..
blog sape la ni.. sian nye..hehehe...

sori la my baby blog..for so long holiday..huhu..
i'm so busy with study week n exam week n everything..

but today i'm bloging as a new title..


thank u allah for letting this finally happen.. i still cannot believe it..
mama always said to me..that she know i will pass just the path is more difficult than others..
there no words to tell of how grateful i am..

alhamdullilah ya allah..ko telah makbulkan 1 lg permintaan ku..walaupun aku slalu leka n berbuat khilaf tp kau tidak pernah manghampakan ku..kau sentiasa membantu aku..akhirnye aku dpt khabarkan berita gembira utk ibubapa ku..ini lah hadiah yang x ternilai..aku bersyukur sgt2 ya allah..terima kasih ya allah..amin..

actually there is so many people i should thanks..they always there for me when i need it..they never stop support me n pray for me..

thanks to mama n babah..sebab x penah putus doakan,along da jd doctor ma..semua ni ats doa mama..thanks for wake me up every morning..for belive in me..n now i miss u so much..i cant wait to see u,to hug u..thanks so much to angah n adik as maktok n all my family..i love u all..

i wanna thanks to both my lovely sya,thanks u so much..u are the best study partner ever..thanks for helping me with my viva..walaupun ko ngtk n tersenggok2+skt kepala, ko thn sbb aku..aku x kan lupe semua tu..thanks for be there for me when i need it..n sorry sbb wat ko risau psl aku..seyesly i'm gonna miss u DR ISYA nurul,u are the best roomate+fren forever..thanks sebab tiap2 mlm bwk kitorg kua mkn..bli kan mknn,support ktorg,doakan ktorg,n thanks denga kn result aku..aku akn sentiasa doakan ko gak..kite akn same grad thn ni..aku nk sgt g penang ngan ko kan..thanks a lot my dentist DR NURUL FAHIZHA..u guys rocks..

to my love one..u still there eventhough i'm so busy all this while..not spending time for u..n thanks gak sbb thn ngan kerenah ayg..thank u so much..

to all my fren..wether u pass or not..thank u so much..thanks for all ur wishes n prays..finally it happen guys.. to my study group happy we all finally make it..thanks doc always mention,be a safe doctors..hopefully can work with u guys in the future..n not to forget to all my lecturers..jasa mu akan ku kenang..chewah...

so many words 'thanks' in this post..coz that is how i feel..n that the only thing i can offer to show how grateful i am..emm x mo nangis da..da byk da air mate aku abis..that since i'm going home soon..i think i'll always updated my blog..hopefully la..hehe..

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isyaNIA said...

congrate noddy. although ur path a bit 'berliku liku', but we managed to get to our destination. this past 1 week almost killed me noddy. u donno how much i worried about you. inside, sume bercampur aduk. but i couldnt show it in front of you, worried that it will cause ur spirit go down into the pit. damn, totally exhausted producing all the positive energy for the past one week. but now, so happy to call you as DR yaaa.